Piraquê Maltadão

Tags: 2D Animation, Art Direction, Character Animation, Character Design, Cinematography, Color Grading, Design, Live Action, Mixed, Post-Production

Agency: BFerraz

Client: Piraquê

Year: 2022

The Piraquê brand, known here in Brazil for its crackers, launched a new product on the market in partnership with Zeca Pagodinho, as part of its brand repositioning strategy. The master of originality, as the brand itself called the singer, was chosen naturally after a movement on social media.

The campaign was designed to attract the eyes of generation Z, and for that, videos were designed in a vertical format and with a duration below 20 seconds in all content. The video that you will follow below is a compilation of the main visual points, arguments, and some of the results achieved with the campaign.


Arthur Maringoni

Executive Producers
Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo Almeida “GGA”, Leticia Cacace

Mariana Campos

Ian Leite

1st AC
Raphael Mariano

2nd AC
Allan Lima

Video Assist
João Artur dos Santos

Luiza de Castro

Project Manager
Leticia Cacace, Gustavo Veloso

Production Director
Renato Angelo

Production Coordinator
Gabriela Varella

Production Assistant
Jeferson Medice, Carlos André Alves, Shailoh da Silva

Art Directors
Winnie Silva, Camila Cabral

Art Assistant
Ricardo de Carvalho Ferreira

Christian Rogério Farias, Daniel Dias Pinho

Costume Designer
Juliana Maia

Gislaine Almeida

Art Assistant
Ricardo de Carvalho Ferreira

Christian Rogério Farias, Daniel Dias Pinho

Location Sound Mixer
Murilo Alexandre Borine

Post-Production Coordinator
Luiz Alejandre "Ryan"

Shooting Board
Ricardo Sassaki, Bela Lino

Luis Guilherme Chagas, Nicole Bassi

Color Grading
Reginaldo Lucca "Naldinho"

Art Director
Teidy Nakao

Character Concept
Duba Rodrigues

Cel Animation
Dazy Teodoro, Nath Ali

Character Animation
Nathalia Ali

Motion Design
Rafael Matheus, Alexandre Alves, Gustavo Almeida "GGA"

Bruno Fred, Luccas Oliveira

Digital Retouching
Leandro Galan