Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

Tags: 2D Animation, Art Direction, Character Animation, Concept Art, Photo

Agency: Ogilvy

Client: Ben & Jerry’s

Year: 2022

Sailor had the great responsibility of running the most recent Brazilian campaign for Ben & Jerrys. Focused on the brand’s production process, the films show (in an imaginative way) the reasons that make the company different from its competitors. The care given to each of the steps justifies the prestigious name that the brand carries, and that was what we needed to translate into psychedelic and stunning visuals.

Together with friends from Ogilvy, we produced, took photos, illustrated and animated a series of films for the brand. The first of them is the Half Baked flavor that highlights the practice of “fair trade” in relation to small producers.​​​​​​​

The concept

Inspired by the art of old cartoons from the 20th century, the campaign illustrations bring a retro aesthetic, while being modernized by strong colors and digital finishing. Its anthropomorphized characters and objects add charisma to the different scenarios. All this mix of information is mixed with real images of the ingredients that make up the brand’s products, making the viewer see the textures that provoke so much desire. It is the mix of an elevated visual experience with the most traditional means of winning over customers: appetizing-looking products.