Wawa Hoagiefest 2022

Tags: 2D Animation, Art Direction, Character Animation, Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Motion

Agency: Form&Fun

Client: Wawa

Year: 2022

Wawa distributed 5,000 illustrated NFTs and 12 animated rare NFTs to their customers and we were asked to produce all the illustrations and animations. Based on some characters from previous Hoagiefest campaigns, we developed some accessories, backgrounds and costumes to create variations and arrive at this large number of illustrations. In addition to these items, Wawa's delicious sandwiches are present, further increasing the combinations of NFTs.

For the rare NFTs, we made 12 2D animations, with characters in funny situations enjoying the hoagies.


Design Directors
Icaro Diniz, Frederico Félix

Executive Producers
Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Project Manager
Gustavo Veloso, Luiz Alejandre "Ryan"

Art Director
Duba Rodrigues

Duba Rodrigues, Bela Lino, Aryel Meireles

2D Animation
Nathalia Ali, Juli Sartori

Rafael Matheus, Luccas Oliveira