Fall Guys Free to Play

Tags: Composition, Cinematography, Edit, Live Action, Post-Production, Storytelling

Agency: Druid

Client: Fall Guys

Year: 2022

Fall Guys promoted its option of free access to the public through short films produced by Sailor Studio. The result? 50 million users global record.

Following the irreverent line of the game’s characters and scenarios, the casting direction chose Diogo Defante, an influencer and web celebrity with a modern style of comedy, very effective with the public. The art direction produced the incredible inflatable costume of the Fall Guys characters, completely customized for the scenes. Arranged in an infinite scenario allowing the unfolding of the most different sketches of the short films, the duo of Diogo Defante and our giant pink bean character managed to start very fun and dynamic actings. The edition follows a social media line accompanied by letterings of the Fall Guys global identity.


Leo Parron

1st AD
Mari Campos

Executive Producers
Leticia Cacace, Luccas Oliveira e Gustavo Almeida GGA

Production Director
Leticia Cacace

Gabriela Varella

Set Production
Fernanda Fontes

Ian Leite

1st Camera Assistant
Raphael Mariano

2nd Camera Assistant
Allan Lima

Adilson Sacramento Bahia

Lighting assistant
Rafael Aparecido Marinho e Anderson Soares Alves

Luiza de Castro

Video assist
Melissa Yurie

Location Sound Mixer
Rogério Crispim

Art Director
Winnie Silva Ramos

Arlindo Gomes Trevizam

Stagehand assistant
Felipe de Souza Santos

Makeup Artist
Carolina carvalho silva

Art assistant
Iago Mariano de Sousa

Costumer Designer
Karina Kohatsu

Marisa Roledo Hiodo

Post Production Coordinator
Luiz Alejandre Ryan

Film editing
Luís Guilherme Chagas

Shooting board
Bella Lino

Editor Assistant
Guilherme Micsik

Motion Graphics
Rafael Matheus

Rafael Mateus e Alexandre Alves

Color Grading
Luiza de Castro

Audio Company

Diogo Defante, Daniel Bezerra