McDonald's Caixinha McFritas Antifurto

Tags: Composition, 3D Animation, Art Direction, Cinematography, Design, Motion, Post-Production

Agency: DPZ&T

Client: McDonald's

Year: 2021

Protecting what we love is never too much, especially if it's McDonalds' fries! Together with the DPZ&T staff, we produced the McFritas Anti-furto film, celebrating Fries Day and promoting the campaign that gives an extra potato to new users of the McDonald's app.


Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Gustavo Leite, Gustavo “GGA” Almeida, Luccas Oliveira

Look Dev/Render
Gustavo Ramos

Art Direction & Storyboard
Teidy Nakao

Project Mangers
Leticia Cacace, Gustavo Veloso

Post Production
Gustavo “GGA” Almeida, Luccas Oliveira

Video Editors
Luis Guilherme Chagas, Luccas Oliveira

Post Production Assistant
Luiz "Ryan" Alejandre, Mario Kiyoshi

Motion Designer
Rafael Matheus

Audio Company:
Lucha Libre