Instituto Protea FOOH

Tags: Drone View, Look Dev 3D, CGI, FOOH, 3D Animation, Live Action, Mixed


Client: Instituto Protea

Year: 2023

A Sailor Studio had the honor of collaborating with Instituto Protea in the production of an inspiring Fake Out-of-home (FOOH), integrating Computer Graphics and Live Action Capture. The aerial image highlights flowers blooming over buildings in São Paulo, while a 3D Outdoor displays information about donations to Instituto Protea as part of the October Pink awareness campaign against breast cancer.

The central challenge was to realistically integrate blooming flowers onto the buildings, seeking a smooth and delicate approach. We opted for drone capture to obtain a striking aerial image, later integrating the 3D elements into the scene.

The campaign achieved its purpose by sensitizing and mobilizing the audience for such an important cause. The successful integration of visual elements resulted in a piece that not only grabbed attention but also contributed to garnering more support and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.


Luccas Oliveira

Executive Producers
Leticia Cacace, Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Leticia Cacace, Jéssica Lopes, João Albuquerque

Mauricio Santana

Thiago Ueda

Color Grading
Nildo Ferreira

Chico Castellano