Amazon Black Friday FOOH

Tags: Look Dev 3D, VFX, CGI, FOOH, 3D Modeling, Composition, 3D Animation, Live Action, Mixed

Agency: CP+B

Client: Amazon

Year: 2023

A Sailor Studio, in collaboration with Bizsys and CP+B agency, had the pleasure of producing two videos for Amazon as part of the Black Friday campaign. The Fake Out-of-home (FOOH) videos integrated Computer Graphics and Live Action Capture, showing a giant Amazon tape being unraveled along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and in Pelourinho, Salvador.

The main challenge was to create visually stunning and seamlessly integrated pieces capable of generating doubt about their authenticity, making people question whether it was real or fake.

To overcome this challenge, we mobilized our multidisciplinary team at Sailor Studio, ensuring that the image capture was aesthetically appealing and worked seamlessly for integration in post-production. We leveraged our expertise in computer graphics and live-action production to ensure a seamless fusion between the real and digital worlds.

The campaign was a success, becoming one of the most talked-about and shared in the realm of Fake Out-of-home. The high engagement from the audience was evident, with many wondering how the feat had been accomplished.


Production Company
Bizsys and Sailor Studio

Executive Directors
Rodrigo Cassino, Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Account Manager
Thais Sousa, Leticia Cacace

Live Action Directors
Luis Guilherme Chagas, Vittin Alencar (RJ), Wendel Assis (Salvador)

Kaê Rodrigues (RJ), Wendel Assis (SSA)

1st Camera Assist
Raphael Assumpção (RJ), Gabriel Santos Dias (SSA)

Lead 3D
Eliel Guimarães

Post-Production Coordinator
Luiz Alejandre "Ryan"

Color Grading
Reginaldo Lucca

Eliel Guimarães, Luccas Oliveira

Chico Castellano

Casting RJ
Gabi Januário, Gabriela Kohatsu, João Freire