Faber Castell A criatividade em suas mãos

Tags: Composition, 2D Animation, Art Direction, Character Animation, Color Grading, Edit, Live Action, Motion, Post-Production

Agency: David São Paulo

Client: Faber Castell

Year: 2023

Sailor Studio presents a campaign for Faber Castell, where people in a park are impacted by the magic of products and creativity. The magic happens when artist Leonardo Amaro's drawings are transformed into objects that interact with the real world around them, creating a unique and immersive experience.

With an extremely colorful and dynamic animation, Sailor Studio was responsible for the entire video production, from filming in the park to animation, illustration and post-production with visual effects (VFX). The end result is a video that celebrates art and imagination, while promoting Faber Castell's products and values in a unique and inspiring way.


Drawings made by
Leonardo Amaro

Kalu Leite

1st AD
Flávia Carves

2nd AD
Fernanda Fernandes

Executive Producers
Leticia Cacace, Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Production Director
Nahara Teixeira

Producer Assistant
Fernanda Fernandes

Wagner Ramos, Thiago Freire

Set Manager
Rodrigo Pedreira

Assistant Set Manager
Barba, Ricardo Neves

Reginaldo Lucca

1st AC
Raphael Mariano

2nd AC
Allan Lima

Adilson Sacramento "Bahia"

Best Boy
Rafael Aparecido, Vitor Assis

Luiza de Castro

Video Assist
João Santos

Artur de Moura

Makeup Artist
Brenda Boschetto

Assist. Makeup
Elissa Carvalho

Costume Designer
Karina Kohatsu

Fernanda Garcia

Casting Producer
Talita Lima

Assist. Casting Producer
Larissa Brito, Francielle Roquetti

Júlio Gonçalves Garcia

Post-Production Director
Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Post-Production Coordinator
Luiz Alejandre "Ryan"

Project Manager
Leticia Cacace

Reginaldo Lucca

Art Director
Teidy Nakao, Leonardo Amaro

Shooting Board
Teidy Nakao, Erick Oliveira

Leonardo Amaro, Teidy Nakao, Duba Rodrigues, Ana Luiza Primo

2D Animation
Nathalia Alia, Ana Luiza Primo

Luan Carvalho, Alexandre Alves, Rafael Matheus, Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Color Grading
Reginaldo Lucca

Leonardo Amaro (Ilustrador), Maria Ida, Alisson Falconeres, Daniello Prestes, Laís Isikawa, Sebastião Galdino, Lara Paulaskas, Alan Campos, Rafael Aguiar, Renata Buscola, Igor Álef