Yamaha 60 Years

Tags: 2D Animation, Art Direction, Concept Art, Illustration, Motion, Post-Production

Agency: Suno

Client: Yamaha

Year: 2022

In 2022, Yamaha celebrated its 60th anniversary on the racetrack. And we were invited by Suno to help tell this incredible and rich story of the brand.

Inspired by Japanese culture, anime and manga, we developed an animated film where we travel through the decades showing all the highlights of the construction company, its titles and especially its motorcycles. We relied on photographs from the time, information about riding styles and engine roar, to visually show Yamaha's evolution on the track.

Our idea was to make manga pages come to life, with clear visual references to classic anime like Akira.


Teidy Nakao, Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida

Project Managers
Gustavo Veloso, Luiz "Ryan" Alejandre

Art Diretor / Illustrations
Teidy Nakao

Gustavo "GGA" Almeida, Luccas Oliveira, Rafael Matheus, Alexandre Alves, Vitor Mendes, Guilherme Micsik

2D Animation VFX
Nathalia Ali, Dazy Teodoro

Audio Company
Mission Music