Motorola Moto G

Tags: Key Visual, 3D Modeling, Composition, Cinematography, Mixed, Photo, Post-Production, Poster

Agency: Faccion

Client: Motorola

Year: 2022

Motorola presented its new smartphones from the Moto G family in a global campaign, under the concept of "Colors are Fun". And we at Sailor Studio together with were responsible for creating and developing the Key Visuals for the campaign.
Exploring the graphic quality of the screens, we visually show the immersion that the consumer will have using smartphones.

People in everyday scenes are immersed in the colors and sounds of the Movies, Games, Music and Sports they watch on Moto G. In each piece, we highlight the unique qualities of each device, such as the powerful sound of the Moto G 52 and the color spectrum of the Moto G 42.

During the creation process, we made concepts of each of the scenes, photographed the models, did the 3D modeling of the environments and smartphones and then the composition of all these assets, in these images that went around the world.


Creative Directors
Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida, Cassio Lopes Filho, Teidy Nakao

Leticia Cacace, Gabriela Varella

Project Manager
Luiz Alejandre "Ryan", Luccas Oliveira

Teidy Nakao

3D / Render
Leandro Soares, Robert da Cunha

Art Director
Teidy Nakao, Guilherme Garcia

Matheus Ventura

Ricardo Barcellos

Executive Producers
Thaís Sanchez

Eleanora Botelho

Make hair
Marcelo Satchi

Gustavo Merighi, Lenita Oliver, Willian Jonathan, Amanda Aparapan