Sailor Studio 2021 | Always prepared for angry seas

Tags: Art Direction, Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Poster

Client: Sailor Studio

Year: 2021

Every end of year, we invite a different illustrator to create an art with the current Sailor Studio team. This year we called Matheus Ventura.

In 2021, we came out of the storm that was the global pandemic and together we moved forward to face the challenges of angry seas. During that year, the team grew and Sailor became stronger in the market, performing works with the most diverse techniques and styles.


Matheus Ventura

Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida, Gustavo Veloso, Gustavo Leite, Rafael Matheus, Leticia Cacace, Teidy Nakao, Gustavo Ramos, Luis Chagas, Luiz Alejandre "Ryan", Mario Kiyoshi