Sailor Studio 2020 | Calm Seas Never Made a Good Sailor

Tags: Art Direction, Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Poster

Client: Sailor Studio

Year: 2020

Every end of year, we invite a different illustrator to create an art with the current Sailor Studio team. This year we called Teidy Nakao.

In 2020, we and the whole world faced the biggest storm of our generation. The global pandemic hit the audiovisual market hard, these were dark times, but with a focused and united team we managed to get through the storm, without leaving anyone behind and we strengthened the team with incredible professionals who joined our boat.


Teidy Nakao

Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida, Gustavo Veloso, Gustavo Leite, Rafael Matheus, Leticia Cacace, Teidy Nakao, Luis Chagas, Gustavo Ramos